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  • ... for more success at the Point of Sale

  • ... Sales increase due to better visibility .

  • ... Easy and convenient access

  • ... Improvement of the shopper orientation

  • ... Reduction of theft rates up to 90 %

  • ... Better goods availability

  • ... Sales increase

  • ... 60 % less effort needed for shelf maintenance

POS TUNING – Placement, Presentation, Showcasing

The shopper decides at the point of sale! – And shoppers can only buy what they can see!

POS TUNING is your professional partner for optimizing product presentation at the point of sale. Use our expertise, our experience and the world's largest POS toolkit to put your products within view and reach of the shopper in the best possible way. Ask us to become an active partner in your category management projects. We will help you achieve a uniform standard of point of sale presentation for your brands in all markets of the world.

If your products are out in front, we are behind them!