Tobacco successful presentation

Over the last years, advertising of tobacco products has been extremely limited or even prohibited. The Point of Sale is often the only remaining option to achieve brand recognition and communicate brand information. The hidden presentation of goods in some countries along with high theft rates requires the use of intelligent and simple solutions in order to guarantee return on investment. POS-T Tobacco solutions are successfully at work in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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  • + 80% more presentation space when converting from conventional angled metal shelves to straight glass shelves with pushfeed.
  • - 50% reduction of the installation costs with use of brand labelholders and a simultaneous place reservation system for the industry..
  • - 90% reduction of the theft rate with POS-T Theft Prevention.



POS-T Adapter-T Rail a49w
For perfect Fixation

The Adapter-T Rail a49w was developed to be compatible with all wire shelves in the freezing storage. Many retail chains have different freezers installed, the only difference is the design of the shelves. Instead of using various adapter rails for the different pushfeed systems, the adapter-t rail a49w fits all types of wire shelves. The adapter-t rail isn’t clamped directly on the front, which is already occupied by scanner rails. Instead it is located behind their mounting edge so no complicated installation is necessary.

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Download our Adapter-T Rail a49w brochure here


  • usable in refrigerated sections
  • matches the colour of the freezers
  • for fixing and smooth sideway moving of the POS-T Pushfeed systems
  • stabilizes the whole pushfeed against slipping whiles replenishment
  • allows mounting on all wire shelves regardless of the wire distance and diameter
  • transparent end-to-end front for an optimal visibility of the products
  • safes products against toppling



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