For better customer orientation

With the POS-T Shopper Interaction, you trigger interaction with the shopper at the shelf, category or product level. Shopper actions at the POS are identified and analyzed through the integrated shelf sensors. The shopper receives targeted product information, decision-making assistance or buying stimuli depending on the situation. Digital signage supports the shopper and brings orientation and overview to increasingly complex categories.

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  • More than 60 % of all purchase decisions are made at the Point of Sale
  • 47.7 % of shoppers notice brand advertising with digital media at the POS
  • The relevance of digital instore advertising at the POS is 66 % in comparison to 24 % for advertising away from the POS
  • Digital media produces 32.8 % more frequency at the POS
  • 29.5 % of shoppers are encouraged to purchase as a result of digital media at the POS
  • Digital media at the POS create 31.8 % more sales

Your Benefit:

  • targeted shopper response and support at the Point of Sale
  • situationally controlled action instead of Indecisiveness
  • more frequency
  • more impulse purchases
  • more sales
  • reduction of store personnel consultation

Source: digitalsignageresource.com, Study by InfoTrends

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