Creating family closeness …

Our ‘Little POS’ day nursery has been open for a good year now. Last Friday, Ute Schäfer, the State Minister for Schools, Children, Sport and Family, paid a visit. She praised POS TUNING for its commitment to establishing this daycare facility and hoped that more small and medium size businesses would follow this example.

During the subsequent round of discussions, Oliver Vosshenrich addressed the restrictions imposed by the legal provisions covering day nursery care. According to the law, only 9 agreements can be signed, i.e. maximum 9 children can be looked after in the daycare facility. He proposed making this legal stipulation more flexible for NRW to create emergency places, and splitting places since not all the children require care for the whole day. This would allow more employees to avail of daycare facilitiy for their children.

Mrs Schäfer pointed out that these legal provisions for day nursery care were implemented with family closeness in mind. The children must be guaranteed personal care, which is quite the opposite of public day nursery facilities. However Mrs Schäfer was very interested in POS TUNING’s and Little POS’s wishes and promised to take this as a suggestion to be discussed again at the expert level.

She saw POS TUNING as playing a pioneering role for OWL and suggested further debate on this subject be held locally with the expert representatives from politics and the youth welfare agency with a view to potentially develop day nursery care as part of a model specifically for the corporate environment.

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