Frozen food – a success story

Frozen food – a success story POS TUNING

Since the market launch in 1955, frozen food has offered consumers

• increased freshness of the ingredients and vitamins
• more flavour and health
• individual portionability, also for smaller households, and
  less food wastage
• more sustainability thanks to increased shelf life
• clearly reduced workload and as such more time saving

Thus it comes as no surprise that, already today, deep-frozen products rank among the 5 largest and most important macro categories of trade with additional growth potential. 98 % of all Germans use frozen food – for convenience cooking, speedy warming up or uncomplicated food storage.

... with future!
Therefore there are good reasons to build on this foundation and secure additional growth with attractive frozen departments. The consumers’ desire for shopping experiences and convenience in daily life is constantly increasing. We will show you how you can utilise the great potential offered by your frozen food area with effective measures.

Atmosphere for visibly more success

Shoppers want to be inspired, receive orientation aids and enjoy a warm, stimulating atmosphere. Get your customers to warm up to the frozen department. This way, you can ensure longer dwelling periods and more purchasing acts!

Emotional images
Images of people enjoying themselves and delicious food situations stimulate the desire to test your product range.

Colour coding
Different colours for individual sub-categories help your shoppers find their way more easily.

Warm décors like wood guarantee an appealing atmosphere and increased dwelling time at the freezer.

Floor design
Uniform floor covering and colours help in summarising categories.

Supplement product group signs and thereby improve the customer’s orientation.

Indispensable for optimal freezer and cabinet management

A placement close to the dairy product range offers a high probability for combination purchases; placement close to the checkout points promotes impulse purchases.

Must be adapted to the local circumstances. The freezer gets a top ranking when it comes to energy consumption and filling. Cabinets have the advantage with surface productivity and as regards the clear arrangement.

Ensure the right light. Draw attention to current offers with a special offer freezer chest.

An analysis of your customer structure. Placement recommendations by category management and optimal labelling assist your customers with purchase orientation and purchase decisions.

Shelf-management systems can have a positive effect on sales. Pushfeed systems for the frozen cabinet as well as lift systems for the frozen goods freezer increase sales.

Product availability
Avoid stock shortages and present shoppers the full selection in a clearly visible manner. (e.g. with the e-Pusher by POS TUNING)

Effective for even more sales

What is a must in the frozen goods freezer and cabinet, results in an unpleasant shiver with your customers: icy cold with light, colours and furniture. With the right measures, you can turn a chilly department into a much frequented and strong-selling comfort zone.


more atmosphere = increased visibility
increased visibility = increased frequency
increased inspiration = more purchasing acts
improved orientation = fewer aborted purchases
larger shopping baskets = more sales


Download the folder of the German Frozen Foods Institute “Deutsches Tiefkühlinstitut” for more growth in the frozen food sector. (Only German)

*(+ 5 % vs. previous period vs. region, +2 % vs. previous year vs. region) Source: Bormann & Gordon, Sep. 2016 Quelle: Bormann & Gordon, Sep. 2016
Texts source: Deutsches Tiefkühlinstitut e. V.

POS TUNING Products tested

Also tested in the study: Our frozen goods lifts. In selected test stores, a plus of 9% in sales was attained vs. the control store for the items placed in a hoisting lift.

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