Sweets - the pleasurable seduction at the POS

2019 07 SchokoladeThe discrepancy between shopping lists and shopping baskets is probably no greater for any product group than for food and beverages. Confectionery is at the very top of this "discipline".
Consumers are increasingly making spontaneous decisions and ignoring their own shopping plans, their shopping lists and throwing other attractive and "eye-catching" offers impulsively into their shopping trolleys..


Shelf care - To pull your hair out or absolutely easy?

A woman is in the shower in the morning and her favourite shampoo is empty. What now? Use your partner's shampoo as an exception and jump into the supermarket on your way to work to get supplies. "Quick" is the magic word, because time is short in the morning. It's annoying when the shampoo can't be found on the supermarket shelf. The customer doesn't care whether she doesn't get the product she wants because it hasn't been refilled, because it hasn't been delivered or because it's hidden in the back of the shelf. It does not exist, which means that the decision is made either on an alternative of the product or the supermarket. Losing a customer for this reason is extremely annoying for both the manufacturer and the retailer. Especially if it was really just that the product was actually there, but not in the customer's field of vision. What is not visible cannot be bought. This means that impulse purchases do not take place either.


Duty free – the slightly different Shopping experience

Duty Free 01 Duty free is a special area. According to the Wiki definition „Duty-free shops (or stores) are retail outlets that are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, on the requirement that the goods sold will be sold to travelers who will take them out of the country.“


Category Insights Frozen Food

2018 05 08 Shopper insights TK 01High usage of frozen food

Frozen Food is often one of the biggest categories in a grocery store.
Over 50% of people eat frozen food at least once a week. In research conducted by You-Gov & E.ON 25% of interview respondents said that they use and cook frozen food three times a week.


Shall we leave the future of shopping to Amazon?

Photo: Copyright: POS TUNING | pixabay.com
POS Kompakt - Issue 01/2017

The days when Amazon was just an online retailer are long gone. As early as November 2012, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced on American television that: "We would love to open stationary shops." Amazon just didn't know how. Now that has changed. Amazon announced its latest coup at the end of last year: Amazon Go. A fully automated convenience store in Seattle - unfortunately not open to the public for now.


Form follows function

POS kompakt - Issue 04/2010

... or the causal relation between packaging design and (dis-)order at the POS. This designer wisdom is true also, and in particular, of the geometric and physical design of product packaging. This time we are not going to talk here about the importance of product packaging which often drives the decision to buy. For once, the focus is on the design of the product packaging.


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