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Automatic facing up success

Sid Sidhu, retailer at Budgens in the UK, reports on conveniencestore.co.uk about the success of his store after the installation of POS TUNING systems. The investment has paid off for him very well. In many categories, his employees save themselves the tedious task of bringing the products to the front of the shelf, and from his point of view, customers expect this standard in some departments.

Read the article here: https://www.conveniencestore.co.uk/have-your-say/automatic-facing-up-success/596330.article


Artificial intelligence inspires shopfitting

The DLV Shopfitting Conference on 6 and 7 June was dominated by digitisation. Almost 200 participants came to the Bielefeld Stadthalle to be inspired by impulse lectures on the various facets of the topic.
"The new shoppers have grown up with digitalisation. Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk, expert for social, economic and technological changes at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, gave an outlook on the digital future.

Agnieszka Walorska, managing director of the innovation consultancy Creative Construction Heros, outlined the development of artificial intelligence: "The effects of AI across all industries will be immense. Some say that the first industrial revolution will be Pillepalle. The development is more comparable to the discovery of fire: it made us a new species," she explained in her lecture.

AI, eCommerce platforms, AR and VR - not everything that comes has a future. What really remains in the end? Trend researcher Lola Güldenberg got to the bottom of this question. "VR glasses, for example, have not yet made it into stores, but mobile phones have," Güldenberg said. Language assistants are also becoming more and more important. "That should be considered with the shop fitting, says the expert.

Afterwards, top coach Peter Holzer gave a rousing lecture about courage and common sense. Because that's what's needed when dealing with change - digitization is just one of them: "We like to see change as a problem for the time being. A change is not a bad thing. We just have to think about how we react to it." As an addition on Friday, there were factory tours at Elektra, POS Tuning and Nolte Küchen.
Also in the own rows of the DLV network shop fitting is much dynamics. Vice President of dlv - Netzwerk Ladenbau e.V., Carsten Schemberg, welcomed 21 new members. The external appearance should also be fresher and more modern: A relaunch of the corporate design, which is to be presented in time for EuroShop 2020, is now on the agenda. Lutz Schneppendahl then reported on the new guide to digitisation at the POS, which was developed by the relevant department and can now be ordered via the dlv website.

The DLV has a lot more in store for it. In addition to the annual planning for 2019, which includes four seminars in autumn, Carsten Schemberg announced the planned tour to Shanghai in 2020.

Source: https://www.moebelkultur.de/news/kuenstliche-intelligenz-inspiriert-den-ladenbau/(German)


Facing up with a new system

In the magazine „Convenience Store“, Sid Sidhu, owner of a Budgens store in the UK, talks about the current challenges in retailing and the possibilities of managing his store skillfully in times of increased competitive pressure.


Source: Convenience Store Magazine


Aral: Less out-of-stocks with new product presentation

Aral AG and POS Tuning, the manufacturer of the pushfeed system, together with partners from the shopfitting and tobacco industries, have renewed the tobacco sales area at more than 1,000 Aral petrol stations. The goals: optimized customer orientation and less out-of-stocks. 

Aral has redesigned the entire area behind the tobacco counter at more than 1,000 of its stores. Instead of conventional metal shelves with price rails, glass shelves and pushfeed systems from the Bad Salzuflen-based manufacturer are used. This enabled Aral to install 4 more shelves and update the placement: Cigarettes, loose tobacco and cigars are now presented in 3 blocks.

It was important for the BP Group to keep pace with its competitors in terms of product range width and appearance and also to reduce out-of-stocks and handling costs. In this way, Aral increased its turnover, expanded its range by 40 percent and reduced out of stocks, as the expanded space now offers more space for the fast-moving items.  

To transfer the concept to other countries and categories, Aral plans to completely eliminate out-of-stocks in the future by installing stock beacons. The "Neoalto" platform of the POS Tuning business unit of the same name can notify shop operators of low stock levels via smartphone and automatically re-order items - the platform is integrated into the merchandise management system. In the future, the effects of product pushfeed systems in other categories will also be measured.

Source: https://www.stores-shops.de/design/storedesign/aral-weniger-regalluecken-mit-neuer-warenpraesentation/ (German)


Tottus always puts the shopper first

The Falabella Group's supermarket chain has entrusted us with new stores to continue pushing thousands of products to the front of the shelves. Vallenar's new stores in the third region, Colina in the metropolitan region, and the conversion of Melipilla's stores, also in the metropolitan region, and Con-Con in the fifth region, will be equipped with the latest technology for product feed systems.

In each of the stores, the C-60, C-90 and C-130 systems will be installed for more than 4,000 different products in the categories frozen food, cold cuts, hair coloring, coffee, sweeteners, personal care, cosmetics and others.

The TOTTUS chain privileges the customer's shopping experience by using pusher POP/POS tuning systems to keep shelves tidy all the time.

Source: https://pusherpop.com/tottus-pone-al-shopper-en-primer-lugar/


POS TUNING and ARAL report on a successful multi-partner project

2019 02 28 multipartnerprojektAt this year's Annual Conference of Trade and Change in Gas Stations and Convenience Shops, Kristin Kolbe-Schade from POS TUNING and Carsten Biermann from Aral reported on a successful tobacco project which they implemented together with other partners from the shopfitting and tobacco industry. The entire area behind the counter was renovated and it was converted from conventional metal shelves with price rails to high-quality glass shelves from POS TUNING including their pushfeed systems. This meant that 4 more shelves could be installed, which of course offered the customer considerably more choice. Compared to the competition, Aral wanted to be at least as well and as broadly positioned in the product range as it was in the orientation and appearance for the customer. Further goals were the reduction of out of stocks and handling effort in the shop.


Digital POS TUNING from Neoalto

Despite all the discussion about the future of stationary retailing, two of its advantages are undisputed: customers appreciate the haptic shopping experience and the immediate availability of the desired products (BITKOM study 2018).


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