People absorb around 90 % of all information with their eyes. But the information is only kept for a split second in the human sensory memory. Offering objectively good services is not enough ‒ the shoppers need to notice them. Positioned in the direct vicinity of the goods on the shelf or in display draws POS-T Lighting attracts the shopper‘s attention and puts the focus on the products instead of the actual light.

Direct lighting of goods increases sales on average by 19% (Source: DDI USA, Nielsen 2009).

POS-T LED-Lighting...

  • saves up to 80 % energy costs
  • lasts 8 times longer than standard fluorescent tubes
  • illuminates up to 12,5m of shelving with just a single power supply unit
  • pays for itself after a maximum of 12 months

Your Benefits:
POS-T Shelf Lighting……

  • illuminates the product facing – not the product top, the shelf or the room
  • puts brands and advertising statements in the right light
  • provides orientation and evokes emotions at the POS
  • increases the visibility and sale of your products
  • encourages impulse purchases

...with highly efficient LEDs

  • reduces energy consumption and reduces your carbon footprint
  • saves service and maintenance costs
  • radiate minimum heat and are perfectly suited to products that are heat sensitive (such as chocolate, cosmetics or tobacco)
  • are free of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light
  • vivid: Plastics, textiles and prints retain their color and do not fade
  • high color rendering com patible =/> CRI 85 - Realistic and contrasting colors for illuminated objects

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