Inventory Management

For constant product availability

Nowadays, the industry‘s delivery rate is almost 100 %. How do gaps on the shelf even emerge? What use is the best supply chain strategy if the shopper cannot find the product in the right quantity at the right time and the right place? Our solutions mean inventory management problems are a thing of the past.


  • On average, 8 out of 100 products on the shelf are not found by the shopper.
  • For promotionals and fast moving items, it is considerably more than 10 and almost 40 for new products!
  • Incorrect forecasts and orders at the POS account for 50 % of shelf gaps.
  • In 25 % of all cases, the goods are in the store but not at the POS
  • 70 % of shoppers who do not find a product they are looking for more than twice, never buy the product again in this store
  • Loss of turnover by OOS in retail is approx. 4 %
  • An increase in availability of 3 % increases sales by 1 %

Your Benefit:

  • Safeguard of product places on the shelf
  • Reduction of replenishment work due to the POS-T Systemtray and POS-T Pushfeed
  • Avoidance of OOS with punctual product orders and replenishment work
  • Reduction of inventory differences with permanent inventory
  • Increase of product availability by avoiding theft
  • Sales increase with permanent, automatic front presentation
  • Facts and data-based optimization of product placement and promotions
  • Increase of customer satisfaction

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