Theft Prevention


Self-serve at the retail level has become essential. Yet this term, taken literally, by customers, vendors, service providers and staff alike, can lead to enormous retail loss. Today’s shoplifter is not always easily recognizable or out in the open. The result has led to a striking decline in sales. With POS-T Theft Prevention, high-theft products can now be presented for free access by customers. The OTP Safe Fixture combines promotional merchandise presentation with efficient theft prevention.


  • Approx. € 2 billion thefts are caused by dishonest customers
  • Approx. € 1 billion thefts are caused by dishonest employees
  • Approx. € 1 billion thefts are attributed to organization and suppliers
  • Statistically, every household (inadvertently) steals products worth € 50 per year
  • Approx. every 200th shopping cart goes past the checkout without paying
  • More than 50 % of thieves take more than 2 items
  • Inventory differences in Germany are approx. € 4 billion per year

Your benefits:

  • Listed or delisted? POS-T Theft Prevention ensures competitive advantages over non-secured items
  • No intervention with production and packaging processes necessary
  • One-off investment, no running costs like with source protection
  • Higher sales thanks to open product presentation
  • Reduction of theft rates up to 90 %

Source: EHI investigation of inventory differences 2014


“Presentation of the product group in retail was heavily restricted and regulated due to the high theft rates for tobacco goods. In a combined effort with POS TUNING, we have developed theft reducing shelving elements. The theft rates have reduced by more than 90 % since the implementation of this shelving element. We now use this shelving element for lots of customers with huge success. The POS-T Theft Prevention System has brought noticeable success at the Point of Sale for ourselves and our customers.”

Ralf Reinders, Fa. DOMSKY, Germany


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