Front Risers

Position securely on shelf!

With the new POS-T front riser for U-profiles, items are held securely in their shelves during stocking and pulling forward, and the retrieval of goods is particularly customer-friendly. The innovative manufacturing process “made by POS TUNING” has many advantages over comparable products. Clean, rounded edges and fully transparent material enable the secure retrieval and an unobstructed view of products. In addition, the new POS-T front risers are particularly affordable.

Your benefit

  • 65 mm universal front risers can be plugged into all U-profiles, prevents goods from falling out
  • All customary lengths available special lengths on request
  • Up to 50% cheaper than comparable front risers due to the innovative manufacturing process
  • More scratch-proof and shatter-proof than conventional acrylic and front risers
  • Reduction in fingerprints and other smudges as the front risers are manufactured in polycarbonate
  • Rounded edges No risk of customers cutting themselves, gentle on packaging
  • Made in Germany

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