Staff Development

Our employees are the heart of the company – we champion their cause!

On 30.01.1999, the regional newspaper ‘Lippische Landeszeitung’ wrote: "For a year, Udo Vossenrich worked away meticulously all on his own, and produced the first prototype by himself – from plywood. Today, his patented invention dominates the world of product presentation." The fact that POS TUNING has expanded hugely since then and successfully positioned itself as a brand in recent years is thanks primarily to the commitment and loyalty of our employees.

Even during training, we are concerned to encourage and support each and every individual. Alongside practise-related training, we offer to impart important details for a successful career. Trainees can apply what they have learned immediately, and work autonomously and independently in many different areas. If they successfully complete their training and prove themselves in practice, we take them on! In this way we are working towards countering the oft-cited skill shortage and the demographic shift. POS TUNING has developed a skills matrix which is used for employees’ annual assessment. The skills matrix is used as the basis to agree objectives with the manager and discuss each individual employee’s opportunities for development. Derived from these discussions, we offer a broad range of training. These further training opportunities enable us to further develop and safeguard expert knowledge. Our highly motivated and well-qualified team of international employees is thus perfectly equipped to meet all the challenges of the future.

Inspiration – in pursuit of team spirit

Flexible working hours
To allow our staff to combine private obligations with their work, we offer flexible working hours. To safeguard communication among colleagues, the core working hours in the ‘office area’ are 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

It seems there are still some managers who distrust any of their staff’s ideas because they come from ‘below’, because they are new, or because they weren’t the manager’s own. It’s different in innovative companies, which are bubbling over with ideas – like POS TUNING. In our organisation, staff are motivated to develop their own ideas and be creative. One of our employees from development recently obtained his first patent for the invention of a new brand illumination rail.

Process of continuous improvement
“It doesn’t always take a big investment to improve a process,” which is what two employees thought before using tools to build a device to help to attach double-sided tape to small components. It now takes them just 1/3 of the time it used to to get the job done. A great example of the process of continuous improvement which our staff keep seeing in many parts of the company.

To keep our employees constantly up-to-date, we produce a monthly internal newspaper, Haus POS-T, full of information about events, projects and the latest happenings. At the same time, we use social media such as Facebook and Google+ to report on the latest topics and provide a look behind the scenes at POS TUNING.

Engagement and appreciation
It is important to our executive board to share success. So in addition to their salary, staff receive a sales-related payment and look forward to this appreciation of their achievements. Staff also receive gifts on their birthday and anniversary (10 years). The human aspect is always at the forefront because we don’t treat employees as ‘subordinates’, but as family members. And of course with family, there’s cause to celebrate from time to time. The in-house Christmas parties are legendary, and a highlight our staff looks forward to all year.

Wellness - Health
With a large common room, POS TUNING provides its staff with a space they can use for a relaxing break from work. The fitted kitchen allows employees to prepare a fresh lunch, offering both a hob and an oven. Fresh organic fruit is delivered every week and is available to everyone free of charge. Friday is also Grill-Day. At lunchtime, an external local company comes in and serves freshly grilled meat and salads. The executive board supports this activity with a subsidy so that for a small contribution, staff can enjoy a fresh lunch in the company of their colleagues. Our office areas are equipped with ergonomic office furniture.

A lot happens in the company in terms of physical fitness too. On Thursdays, a group of sporty employees uses the lunch break to go for a jog. Others strengthen their team spirit in the company’s own football team, go-carting with the POS Racing Team, taking motorbike rides together, or going on skiing trips. Once a week, there is a back clinic within the company to compensate for activities done sitting down. A professional also comes in once a week to offer staff massages. Since the company is located right on the River Were, POS TUNING of course has its own canoe which is used for employee events and private staff outings.

Job rotation
Definition: “Job rotation means employees systematically changing positions. Switching roles and activities allows potential and skills to be better identified and further developed. […] The different activities are intended to give employees the opportunities and incentives to deepen their professional knowledge and capabilities. Better social skills from working in different teams is a welcome additional effect.” (Personalkompass).

The aim of job rotation at POS TUNINGis to make the staff aware of the importance of their activities for the company and for the individual processes, to bring better understanding of work processes and to create mutual understanding. Furthermore, active collaboration by switching roles will uncover potential for improvement and optimise processes, which in turn will optimise productivity and cooperation.

Day nursery
In the summer of 2014, we made a day nursery area available. See Little POS for more information.

Fabel KreisdiagramFABEL
is an initiative that supports families at work (from the German: ‘FAmilien BEtreuung Lippe’). The FABEL service, an association of Lippe companies and  the district of Lippe, works to unite family and work. FABEL’s focus is on making the Lippe region a more attractive place, particularly to families. It offers a varied range of services to companies, and their employees in particular – by finding care places at short notice and providing help and advice in different situations. Lippe’s companies live for and are committed to being actively family-friendly, and we are also a member of the FABEL-Service Lippe. So what exactly does that mean?

As an employee of  POS TUNING, you can you can confidentially access the Fabel service any time for fast and non-bureaucratic  advice, referral to local contacts and concrete assistance. And all at no cost to you.

The FABEL service is there to help when you:

  • are looking for a qualified person to care for children or relatives
  • need weekend care or care outside of nursery and school times outside because of work
  • are looking for a baby sitter
  • want advice about childcare options following parental leave
  • have questions concerning care for relatives
  • are new to the area and want information about local facilities for families

Further information is available online at www.fabel-service.de or via m-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and from our contact person Sandra Stövesand on +49 (0) 5231 - 627 920. You can of course always talk to our in-house contact Ronja Krencky in the HR department.

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