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The real-time stock tracking of the ePusher* identifies four times more Out-Of-Stocks than the manual monitoring by the staff.
With the ePusher we can close the gap of systemic stock monitoring at the POS.
The Stock Beacon system provides new perspectives to really avoid Out-Of-Stocks at the POS and to optimize On-Shelf-Availibility at the POS.
Using the ePusher we recognized a great potential within the instore-logistics to avoid Out-Of-Shelves.

tegut… Logistik GmbH & Co. KG – Retailer from Fulda, Germany
*ePusher is the trade name of the original stock control push feed

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We have the POS Tuning Pushfeed System for Tabacco on our shelves for over 10 years now. Every different assortment is perfectly presented and the system supports our daily work as retailers. Most distinguishing is the quality – even today our systems are fully functioning on shelf.

BFT Station Dr. Reilmann & Goodson GmbH, Lippstadt

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This category presentation in retail has been heavily restricted and regulated due to the high theft rates for tobacco products. In a combined effort with POS TUNING, we have developed a theft reducing display. The theft rates have now been reduced by more than 90 % since implementation. We now use this display for lots of customers with a huge success. The POS-T Theft Prevention System has brought noticeable success at the Point of Sale for ourselves and our customers.

Ralf Reinders, DOMSKY

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